Reinforced or non-reinforced, round or square concrete products. 


  • up to 43 inches (1100 mm) or up to 31 x 31 inches (780 x 780 mm) external dimension, single production
  • up to 12 inches (300 mm) building height
  • up to 550 lbs. (250 kg) product weight
  • Adjustment rings with and without rebated joint
  • Covers and cover plates
  • Concrete frame parts
  • Road side channels, drainage products
  • Small format manhole rings
  • Special products upon request

Plant concept:

  • Starting from the basic RINGMASTER machine the suitable handling is available for the different requirements. Depending on the products to be manufactured and the desired performance, from the production with or without bottom pallets and depending on the specific customer requirements the best economic solution is found.
  • RINGMASTER as sole production machine. With manual handling and product transport with electric cart. RINGMASTER with semi-automatic handling. With product ejector and electric cart. RINGMASTER as fully automatic production system. All areas including packaging of the products are covered.

Performance profile:

  • Production without bottom pallets possible, which enables a very efficient packaging of the products already during production. (no bottom pallet management required)
  • Production of covers, plates and difficult concrete elements without bottom pallets RINGMASTER requires no machine pit, therefore it is quickly assembled and put in operation Fast and simple mould exchange possible Simple, one-man operation.