A revolution in Pipe construction for sewerage systems. PERFECT PIPE combines the product benefits of robust concrete pipe and durable synthetic liners. The ideal combination of a conduit and a structure.

PERFECT PIPE thus heralds a new era in sewerage, achieving the requirements in terms of static strength and resistance in the event of increased chemical attack with the economic benefits of production, installation and operation.

The manufacture of a durable connection of liners made of high-quality synthetic material (HDPE) and pipes made of high-strength concrete in an economic production process fulfills the essential demands on pipes for effluent disposal.  

  • Resistance to increased chemical attack
  • Static load capacity even with traffic loads
  • Easy handling on the building site
  • Safe to install and operate
  • Cost-effective use of resources

Auto cast concrete pipes without liner can be produced using the same method. Thus for the first time, an economic mass production of auto cast pipes will be achievable. According to the different project requirements pipes can be produced with or without integrated gaskets as well as reinforced or non-reinforced concrete pipes.

PERFECT liner:

The PERFECT LINER is made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE). This material is resistant to chemical attacks up to a ph-value of 1.0, profoundly abrasion-resistant and weldable.

Multiple anchoring points are used to connect the liner tightly to the surrounding concrete pipe. The high anchor density locked to the pipe sections and the optimum anchor geometry developed for PERFECT PIPE facilitates a reliable connection right into the sleeve. In the area of the pipe connections, an increased number of anchors on the liner provide a reliable, permanent connection to the concrete pipe.

The withdrawal resistance of each anchor is more than 250 N (56lb), the entire liner can safely withstand permanent groundwater pressure of at least 1.5 bar (22 psi). Even strong temperature fluctuations will not cause the liner to separate from the surrounding concrete.

Liners can be produced in varying material thicknesses (1.65 - 3 mm) for different regional, standard- or projectspecific requirements relating to the wall thickness of lining.

Production system:

The fabrication of PERFECT PIPE involves the following procedural steps: 

  • Trimming the liner track as per the internal pipe diameter.
  • Welding the liner track to the circumferential inner pipe lining.
  • Shaping of the ends of the liner to sleeves for the pipe connection required.
  • Fixing the liner on a stable steel core.
  • Setting up the cast mould with fixed PERFECT LINER.

The position of the PERFECT LINER in the pipes is determined on completion of the set-up process of the moulds.

Cast production permits an environmentally-sound production process for all components - liner, moulds and cores. The process safety of SCC liner cast production is far above any traditional pipe production method.

After the hardened products are removed from the moulds, the manufacturing process is completed. The moulds are cleaned and are ready for the next production cycle. The method is also suitable for multi-shift operation.

The anchors connect the PE liner securely across the entire length of the pipe and the full breadth with the concrete enclosure of the PERFECT PIPE.

Due to ongoing innovations in concrete technology and the combination with the polyethylene liner the pipe material well established for hundreds of years will remain successfully. With the PERFECT PIPE technology concrete stands for dense and durable sewage systems also in the future.

Persuasive arguments for using PERFECT PIPE:

CORROSION-PROTECTION: Uniform lining in pipe and sleeve, permanently resistant against chemical aggression in the attack spectrum PH 1.0 to PH 14.0.

STATICALLY LOADABLE: Use of different types of concrete and manufacture with or without reinforcement. The load capacity of the pipe can be increased by the use of high compaction concrete as and when required.

ECONOMICAL MANUFACTURE: Ideal material combination with the use of concrete and polyethylene with no need for adhesives, resins or the like. Consumption of both materials is as low as needed to ensure the statical load and resistance against chemical aggression.

REINFORCEMENT: Compatible with current standards for reinforced concrete pipe.