Industrial, modular extendable, production system for individual and monolithic manhole bases.


  • Manhole bases from 24 inches up to 80 inches; (600 - 2000 mm)
  • Pipe connections up to 40 inches; (1000 mm)
  • Wall thickness from 4 inches up to 17 inches; (100 - 420 mm)

  • Channel height: up to 20 inches (500 mm)
  • Clear height: 21 inches up to 55 inches (550 - 1400 mm)
  • Overall height: 27 inches up to 63 inches (700 - 1600 mm)

  • Inclination of the channel: 1:20 or individual definable
  • Inclination of the berm: individual definable
  • Position of the in- and outlets: individual definable
  • Number of connections: individual definable


Product characteristics:

  • PERFECT-monobases for storm drain- and sewage systems are custom made to the requirements of the project and available in an unique monolithic quality within less than 24 hours.
  • Custom made: The number, diameter and position of the required pipe connections as well as the height of the inlets can be individually adapted.
  • Monolithic –in one pour. Constant defined quality of concrete (e.g. C40/50 or C60/70) in the whole product.
  • Connections of all pipe types possible: concrete, ferroconcrete, fiber-cement, stoneware, PVC, PEHD, PUR, cast, etc.

Plant concept:

  • PERFECT production system as combination of high class mould equipment and state of the art hot wire cutting technique for true to the size products, with hand operated product handling.
  • PERFECT production system inclusive scheduling and logistics. Starting at the comprehensive registration of all product data and job preparation, up to the production, storage and customized product marking, all production steps are integrated in this system.
  • PERFECT production system as fully automated plant inclusive TRANSEXACT automated product crane.

Performance profile:

  • High quality, industrial made concrete manhole bases, optionally in a variety of concrete qualities.
  • Production capacity adjustable to the customer's requirements, more shifts a day are possible.
  • Economical assignment of resources by ways of reduced material costs and optimized manpower requirements.


  • Step Rungs