MAGIC 1501


Manhole components such as adjustment rings, cones, catch basins and pipes with rebated joints in high volume.


  • up to 32 inches (820 mm) external dimension, double production
  • up to 72 inches (1800mm) or up to 50 x 50 inches (1270 x 1270 mm) external dimension, single production
  • up to 5 ft. (1500 mm) building height
  • up to 5500 lbs. (2500 kg) product weight
  • Manhole rings and manhole cones
  • Concrete pipe with rebated joint and
    drainage pipe with our without base
  • Catch basins
  • Road side channels and half-shells
  • Special products upon request

Plant concept:

  • MAGIC as sole production machine.
    With manual product transport.
  • MAGIC as fully automatic production system.
    Production, transport and storage of the products,
    as well as cleaning, oiling and the manipulation
    of the headers and pallets.

Performance profile:

  • Single and twin production possible
  • One-man operation possible
  • Automatic mould-quick-change system
    enables just-in-time production.
  • Free programming control
  • Modular plant concept


A variety of accessories based on the individual customer requirements:


  • Step Rungs