The automatic transport and storage system for concrete plants. The main reason for using an automated transport and storage system is to automate the safe and quick execution of tasks previously done manually. Furthermore the TRANSEXACT contributes to a high degree of order and cleanness in the production area.

TRANSEXACT manages a variety of tasks:

  • Transportation of fresh products from the production machine to product storage.
  • Transportation of cured products from product storage to the depalletising area.
  • The automatic stripping of set rings from the cured products, with subsequent transportation back to the production machine.
  • Automatic storing and removing of set rings from storage.
  • Automatic storing and removing of bottom pallets and headers from the pallet storage.

The use of most modern technology in connection with smart programs makes TRANSEXACT an economic and reliable operating transport and storage system. Suitably planned hardware and software lead to economically calculated advantages:

  • No personnel costs, since no personnel is required in the plant.
  • High product quality through very smooth transport of  fresh products.
  • Low space requirement through ideal planning of product storage, and, if necessary, storage on different levels.
  • Orderly, clean and automatic storage of bottom pallets and headers.