Highly Efficient System for Manufacturing Customized Monolithic Manhole Bases Put into Operation in Ashland, Virginia

2018-10-23 07:39

On the East Coast of the United States, the manufacturer Concrete Pipe & Precast LLC (CP&P), is almost synonymous for high-quality pre-cast concrete products. Behind this positive image you’d find a clearly defined strategy and a highly effective team charged with its implementation, which was once again demonstrated in 2017 with the start-up of a largely automated production facility for individually moulded, monolithic concrete manhole bases. During
an extensive evaluation process the team examined the changing market requirements and used their findings to devise an ideal innovation strategy for CP&P. It was ultimately decided that the Perfect production system, widely used across Europe, was best suited to ensuring ongoing market success. This efficient system for the manufacture of customized manhole bases was commissioned in Ashland, VA in the summer of 2017. Mould and product handling, by means of an automatic crane, were tailored to CP&P’s specific requirements, enabling this production facility to achieve an exceptional capacity and input-output efficiency for this product segment in the USA.