Overall concept

Schlüsselbauer has longstanding experience in the production and marketing of foam glass gravel and in the development and production of the required plants. Schlüsselbauer is thus the ideal turn key provider for all processes and components for the manufacture of foam glass gravel.


The raw materials for foam glass gravel are recycled glass and additives. The specific use of materials depends on the desired characteristics of foam glass gravel and the relevant formula.

The recycled glass shards need to be prepared and milled to powder for further processing.



If suitable recycled glass shards are not already available in their processed state,Schlüsselbauer offers tailor-made drying, sorting and separating equipment for glass preparation.


To be able to process the raw material in a continuous furnace, a defined paticel size of glass powder is necessary. To this end, Schlüsselbauer offers optimised drying and milling plants dependent on the raw material.

Schlüsselbauer develops the ideal overall concept to meet individual requirements in close cooperation with the customer. Schlüsselbauer’s service spectrum includes:

  • Overall concept, material specification, production technology and marketing
  • Recycled glass processing: sorting, drying and dedusting
  • Milling, classification, stocking up
  • Conveyor and control technology entire plant incl. visualisation
  • Weighing, dosing and mixing technology
  • Special designed multiple zone continuous furnaces
  • Equipment for quality assurance (laboratory technology)
  • Training and commissioning
  • The  services of an internationally experienced engineering company