Foam glass gravel (glass foam gravel, cellular glass granulate) is obtained from recycled used glass. It is light, dimensionally stable, ageing-resistant and is ideally suited to load-dissipating insulation (perimeter insulation) under foundation and cellar plates.

Foam glass gravel assumes the drainage function of the aggregate layer, can replace frost barriers and strip foundations and simultaneously acts as external heat insulation from the soil. This makes a simple and thermal bridge-free soil structure for a heat-insulated base plate possible in one step.

The low specific weight of 150 kg/cubic metre (bulk volume) makes foam glass gravel in conjunction with the insulating characteristics an ideal material in the backfilling of voids or overflows in structural engineering too.

Furthermore, foam glass gravel can ideally be used where ground is unstable (marshy ground, permafrost marginal zones) in road construction for stabilisation and in piping construction for stabilisation and insulation.