Implementation of first SCHLÜSSELBAUER plant in North America.

Over the past several decades, the 100-% family-owned company has supplied plants for the production of precast concrete elements throughout the world. In the last 15 years, SCHLÜSSELBAUER has installed numerous plants of all kinds and with various levels of automation for customers in North America


Foundation of SCHLÜSSELBAUER North America in Nashville, Tennessee

When dealing with SCHLÜSSELBAUER North America you will soon realize that it is SCHLÜSSELBAUER's philosophy to manufacture and support the best production plants in the world for the benefit of people and the industry. SCHLÜSSELBAUER accomplishes this mission by operating as a single point complete supplier of production plants and automation. The concrete pipe and pre-cast structures industry market share has been eroded by the infiltration of inferior alternatives, distribution of low quality products and the lack of capacity.

Our goal is to offer producers the opportunity to manufacture in a true industrial setting with the highest quality products at the lowest production cost and to regain the lost or eroded market share and grow our industry.


Relocation to the present site Grandview Avenue, Nashville